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Hilltop Orchids

6TH JUNE -30TH JUNE 2022
CALL DICK 765 721 2200

Are you looking to purchase something extraordinary? Look no further. Hilltop Orchids, a local Greenhouse nestled in the outskirts of Cloverdale Indiana, is known for its wide variety of seasonal offerings.


Our Greenhouse is filled with fresh choices all year long. We offer a range of white orchids, hybrid orchids, a specialized fertilizer, succulents galore, pots and even more.


Each month we carefully handpick each orchid that will be used to breed an exceptional hybrid orchid. We do this to ensure you only purchase the finest and best quality product.


Dick Wells is known as the resident plant doctor so if you need advice, need help repotting,

or reviving a sick plant or even just want to dive into his well of knowledge please feel free to pop in.


We also welcome group bookings and would love to take you on a tour to experience a little piece of Eden.

Thank you for supporting this business and long standing dream.

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Fresh, Seasonal, Beautiful

Visit our greenhouse for more than just a flower experience


Hybrid Orchids

Looking for a great family outing? Come on by our Greenhouse! Hilltop Orchids is a family friendly and family owned business. We are renowned for our beautiful, one of a kind, award winning orchids. Our Greenhouse is open all year long and is stocked with a big variety of orchids, succulents, pots, fertilizer and more for your family’s enjoyment. Due to the change of seasons, our offerings are always changing, so stop by today to find out what we’ve got on offer and make sure to take a goodie home with you.

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